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"Spirituality does not mean ... to be obsequiously religious; it comes to live a fully engaged, but honest and natural life, in what way it may introduce/present itself!"

I am Hubert Zeitlmair h.c.D. from Bavaria state, Germany. Professor for Prehistory and Atlantis Research, Founder of Maltadiscovery Research, and Chairman of the Research Executive Committee into the Atlantis mysteries. Also I am the discoverer of the underwater temple complex Gebel Gol-Bahar 1 sea mile off St. Julian´s Bay.


The search for understanding and answers induced me to dip deeper into the texts of the history handed down through the centuries. I had to realize relatively early that the course of recent events of the earth- and human history is far from having been linear!
However, the study of Atlantis Mysteries enquires impartiality as the meaning of texts of the Ice Age mostly go far beyond the indoctrinated path of mainstream thinking.

Advanced training

The participation in my Seminar & my educational trip offers the opportunity to share my personal experiences which I gained during my long and incredible journey back to human history with the possibility to integrate yourself.
For more detailed information on my discovery of the background story that resulted in the deciphering of the proto-Sanskrit language, you can easily get in contact with me.

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Science of the soul

Strive for entirety and a higher consciousness. It will give you a completely new perspective for your future life into a new and better world!

Activate your spiritual potential by energetically guided, deep meditation and use it in the practice!

Learn to use your third eye, the eye of wisdom, as it is the chakra of the mind.

Perceive what remains a secret to everyday eyes since they can identify only physical presence.

Put yourself in the position to look into higher dimensions of frequencies, where time and space seem to be of minor importance.

Recognize the principle of life ... the essence of the soul!


You want learn how to distinguish between solid knowledge and a mere opinion!

You want to understand finally the sense of the ancient knowledge!

Dip with me into the mystery and learn to understand destiny, life, karma and death.


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That´s what former attendees say

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    Kevin B., Frankfurt
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  • Testimonial #3

    The seminar / the trip to Malta under your leadership has fascinated me. Thanks again for that! Your research is really impressive! Your Atlantis research results have convinced me to ... your enquiries in your book that describe....

    Katja S., SchweizManager
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  • Testimonial #2

    Since I have attended this seminar, I think much more clearly!! It's amazing how my everyday life has changed in a positive way. Was a great experience......

    Lisa WinterConsultant
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