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”il Mument” of the 15th Feb. 2000


Instance which has to do with the Foundations` objectives.

Answer to Trumps Article at the Malta Independent paper

The discovery of structures which look like a megalithic temple situated in the bottom of the sea!

Zeitlmair keeps insisting that the structures underneath the sea are temples. He answers to comments of archeologist David Trump.

By Dione Borg


Hubert Zeitlmair, the German  archeologist who a few monthis age confirmed that he made a unique discovery of structures which resemble those of a megalithic Temple in Maltese territorial waters.

This week, il-Mument had a talk: with Hubert Zeitimar in Germany from where

he reacted to comments which appeared in another section of the local press

on  that subject. Zeitlmair referred to comments made by David Trump who was

skeptical to the idea of these structures being a Megalithic Temple. The find in Maltese territorial waters was published in , il-Mument' on the 31st October 1999 and it brought different local and international reactions. A video of these structures were broadcasted on the ”Net Television” and were also analyzed by local archeologists.


In the same time Zeitlmair passed all the information about the discovery to the Minister of Education and Culture and he also informed the Museum Department  which started investigating the case. The Museum Department never took an official stand about the find because it said it wanted some tangible and scientific proof. In fact the department did not even say that a discovery was made but it said that these were reports.

On their part, foreign divers who were interested in diving on the site and in doing the filming again, were not given the exact location and so had to postpone their work.


His comments to those of Trump, Hubert Zeitlmair said that there is little likelihood that the found structures at the bottom of the sea  are not a megalithic temple as in thevideo shot by Shaun Arrigo it is clear that the structures are similar to those of Mnajdra.

He continued that as happened in the cases of other temples in Malta, the structures found underneath the sea were originally on land. About the fact that it now lies underneath the sea this could have happened because of an earthquake which resulted on certain parts becoming submerged. Zeitlmair said that another possibility about the structures ending up at the bottom of the sea was that the sea level rose between 120 and 200 meters.

This Thesis is strengthened by the theory that the waters passed / broke through the canal of Gibraltar entered the Mediterranean and caused great flooding after the melting of the Ice.

He stated that he was in favour of the second possibility because it is now accepted by established archeologists that the Ice age finished 13,000 years ago.

Zeitimar said that he believes that the Neolithic period was of short duration as in it 23 or 24 or even more temples were built when in that period there were between  9,000 or 12,000 inhabitants in Malta. In his Thesis, Trump said that structures which formed  temples were normally built near ports but on this Zeitlmair asked where were the ports near Mnajdra, Skorba and Ta' Hagrat.


While at the same time he referred about the book of Trump, “Malta an Archeological Guide“, Zeitlnmair said that he showed 23 known temples in Malta and he did hint about a hidden underwater temple.

In his comments Hubert Zeitlmair tackled the subject on the structures that he found in Maltese territorial waters and insisted that from his investigations it resulted was that the temples were builtt on high the area dominating places which an orientation towards the east and the south east to observe the run of the sun and different star Constellations. There is no doubt that the Neolithic people were not capable of doing so.

The Professor Zeitlmair said that his astronomical investigations about the purpose of these temples was confirmed by a Professor of astronomy in Malta.

The end of the article 15th February 2000