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The study of Atlantis Mysteries requires impartiality because the contents of the ancient texts often go beyond the indoctrinated path of mainstream thinking.

01 a Asuara 2015

Mystery School

Enlightenment is the realization to have recognized the mystery of the immortal soul, neither by any kind of ideological belief concept, nor by selfish personal pride, but by clear consciousness of the inner identity.

Today the term soul describes the entirety of all emotions and mental processes in human being. With this in mind the term soul is largely a synonym to the term psyche. Unfortunately the original meaning of the two terms has been lost with the modern science of psychology.

According to the literary legacy of Asu.ara tSi.dhas soul means ...

"it is what gives life"

and psyche actually means ...

“breathing, breath, or rather to breathe or inhale!”

Freely interpreted it can be seen as follows ...

"To breathe life or breathed life!"

This is also the process when the soul enters the body after the birth of the new-born and takes possession of it.

The apparently immaterial soul, also called Spirit, is the principle of all life from which another got its origins and continues to receive. Its existence is in a different time dimension and is entirely independent of that one of the body.
The  "soul or spirit” usually defined as ni.phi.isch, can be seen as we ourselves, in the form of a charge-neutral "person / spirit."

During the aggregate state of the soul we choose within our race / bloodline the relevant set of parents for the conception of the new Ava.tar ≈ receptacle. With the first breath after birth we enter it, set the mental mind in motion and leave it again as soon as the Ava.tar-body dies! The body is the "residence" of the soul.

The aim of my seminar will be to prove the immortality of the soul clearly and convincingly.


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