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Sisters of the Eternal Fires

The Lord of the Atlantic Records Asu.ara tSi.dha has instructed me to make an appeal to unite the priestesses of sisterhood again and bring them to the specific path of the goddess Aashtar-tara.

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Guardian of the Holy Grail

Before I go into further detail, I have to explain, in order to avoid misunderstandings, the name of Queen Ashtar tara of Atlantis as it was understood in the times of the priests of the follwoing cultures in their language: Ishtar, Inanna, Hathor, Isis, Neith, Astarte, Asherah, Venus, Aphrodite, Athena Pallas, Idun, Sigrun, Our Lady and not least Mary Magdalene !!
But first, you should understand: When I tell you about the eternal virginal beings, I initially mean souls that once decided to go the path of the Divine Feminine forever in specially for them on Earth created bodies, to serve the goddess as "sisters the Eternal Fire " 1).
They promised the eternal vows at the "home of the secrets", which was also known as the Temple of Love. With this oath they allied themselves with the feminine energy of the God Queen and were henceforth sisters of the eternal fire of Ashtar-tara and fulfilled their mission on earth as preservers of the feminine wisdom.

Ashtar-tara, the White lily & Queen of Atlantis

For this eternally opressive task, the sisters have been repeatedly infiltrated during their countless following lives with the old knowledge, so that their bodies are always capable to balance the currently most powerful electromagnetic field to their own benefit.
But it happens from time to time that some sister of a new incarnation ≈ life experience is not able to accomplish the calibration of the mental mind with the true self, the soul, because of secular environmental influences. Nevertheless she feels in her mental ego-body a continuously sustained strangely strong internal vibration she cannot allocate. Since she has no access to her subconscious she is attacked by anxiety as she does not know what happens to her. On certain places she feels the vibration much more strongly that her evil will suddenly feel the urge to have to leave the place immediately. The vibration is thus strong because her true selve, her spirit / soul, the second inner body, has still sworn sacrificially on this path, because this ancient vow has its validity for all future incarnations for different life experiences and places. She was not aware that this sense of inner vibration is a signal to recognize on her role and any predetermined path! If she does not react with her mental ego body to this inner character, the soul will eventually try to leave the body, which articulates itself in unexplained accidents, or diseases such as ... stroke, cancer, or heart attack! Without outside help, the nurse will probably not come back to the path of the vow! The Mystery School of Asu.ara tSi.dha in the temple of love is a potential place for reflection.
"Seize the moment; Use the flow of energies, come and find your roots in my seminar, back to the beginning of your existence and hence to your true self!"


Sisterhood of the Eternal Fires of Ashtar-tara


kelch Saas.tri

The first sisters of the Eternal Fire of Ashtar Tara came at the "Temple of Love" at the center of the Atlantis Territory approximately 43 678 years ago together as a community of 11 women with a Superior / Master at the top and 10 sisters. The philosophy of the Mystery School of the Sisterhood of the Eternal Fires is located outside the boundaries of organized religious concepts and, with this, prejudices of the society. The sisters are the preservers of the true meaning of the sacred metaphor ... union of Goddess and God. In other words ... it is generally considered that a woman is only a woman when she gave birth to a child. That's not entirely true, since the true human sexuality differs significantly from that of the beast !! Because… "Reproduction", is not the essence of women's life !!! The essence in the daily life´s ritual of a sister of the Eternal Fire was the stimulation of their pineal gland ... the third eye. The Eye of Wisdom allows to communicate with the soul. This interaction allows her to analyze and understand in consequence a truth, namely:
"Life - it is above all the soul and not the body!"
A spiritually trained nurse will carry out automatically, which remains hidden to the everyday eye that can identify only physical presence. She is able to look into a higher traffic dimension where time and space are of minor importance. With her ability to perceive the spiritual aspects of life and to analyze them she is able to combine the inner light-force field of her true self (soul) with the physical energy of her body, which is reflected in an enormous radiant aura. The pineal gland is a kind of transmitter and receiver for transmitting thoughts and psychic phenomena, fine vibrating waves. Although the soul is the essence of life, the body, which serves her as a vehicle, should not be neglected. At night, or in the dark, the pineal gland is particularly working. It produces the hormonal secretions of melatonin and serotonin. If the "night workers hormone" is activated, it transmits fine electrical impulses in the cells via serotonin into the circulating blood, which leads to a higher frequency - the blood of the sister has a much higher level of DSR 'intelligence'. The hermetic therapists of Akkad and Egypt called this blood enriched by the "hormone of darkness", "Gold of the Goddess"!

Over the centuries, the true meaning of the term ... Gold Goddess has been forgotten. Instead, in present days the Gold of the Goddess is associated with a dark-purple or black stone. This term is probably the misinterpretation of the term ... "Verum Lapis" (lat. True Stone), or Lapis violaceus, which probably derives from the root word ... Bath-kol or Bath-qoul. But Bath Kol has nothing to do with the coal; Bath-kol is actually not a stone, but blackish! It is the metaphorical term for the rich food of the matrix, which has been produced by the "daughter of the voice of the black gold" with its Grail; "Black Gold of the Goddess," can be equated with "eternal youth, or longevity"!

These words are like the seven seals, there is much speculation about their true meaning. The correct interpretation of the symbolism could give information about their meaning and could lead us on the way ... towards knowledge and therefore enlightenment. The true meaning of the symbols is stored in the genetic material of the stem cells of the Sisters of the Eternal Fires of Ashtar tara for centuries and it is necessary to activate them. The sisters are the real daughters of the voice on earth ... "Holy Women" of fire. Only they are able to understand the given knowledge ... the knowledge of the "Holy Grail"!

As in many past lives, recently about 775 years ago in Bavarias southernmost tip, we tried more or less successfully, to put ourselves in a higher state of consciousness to activate the gene in our DNA again. Currently, a permanent increase of highly active auroral energy is detectable. Influenced by this energetic impact some women are currently seeking a spiritual wholeness, without knowing why. These women are follwoing the call of their true self, their spirit / soul, to come back to the sworn path and the Goddess Mission.

Anyone of you, how understands the call will come to me to Malta, where we will find together the lost "key" during my seminar. Therefore, we are able to activate the ancient knowledge in the presence and to use the higher vibrating energy. If you are able to establish the equilibrium state of the electromagnetic field at certain places of power, you will get the possibility to take a look through the veil or fog of ignorance and with this you will receive enlightenment which is needed to serve the Holy Grail!

Sisters, many of you have been trained by advanced Masters in the past lives in the mysteries for this life. At certain points of the archipelago of Malta you will go back to regain access to the knowledge, which was once given to you there.

So, as you have done it in many past lives before ... Now it's time again to embark to the temple of love on the island of Gozo and to found a new group of 11 women, the sisterhood of eternal fire of Ashtar-tara!    

1. Eternal fire ...
 it is not the fire in the proper meaning of the word!
 Eternal Fire means powerful electormagnetic waves originating
 from Atlantis, which altough burn like fire and are able to vaporize items;
 often the Eternal Fires was also considered as light,
 Light Body, or White-light.

Mystery School - Asu.ara tSi.dha Poseidon



This Phoenician text recounts the story of Poseidon's love for his spouse, and the end of Atlantis. The Phoenician was copied from the original Egyptian hieroglyphic, which was later translated into Greek and Arabic. However, what is fantastic about it… the same story has carved with strange signs on a stone slab in the even much older proto-Sanskrit dialect I named Linear 0. Below in the English version there is the epilogue in full, which retained the rhyme without any change in meaning or effect of wording

He (Poseidon) saw her hair as dark as charcoal.

Beheld her beautiful ivory face

with two big eyes that shone like diamonds

and orichalcum (bronze) lips that smelt of mace.

From silky neck his gaze then wandered

to golden breasts that looked aside.

Waist and buttocks of white marble.

Deep groin that made him there abide.

He (Poseidon) loved her from that moment;

Adored her all, her proportions and grace.

Made her Queen of Atlantis,

Mistress of her kind, race.

Her bronzen body he made eternal

at the temple (centre)

in his kingdom he protected

to compel her in stone and everlasting spell.

But SHE still lives amongst her people,

her kind a and the yours did not immerse.

He (Poseidon) retained her body

within deep waters and a curse.

stern 23

Forced into stone means: Deep down in the mountain, there is the sealed (magic) chamber in which she rests (sleeps)!

In deep waters means: The chamber is like an Ice crystal, shrouded by high frequency electromagnetic fine waves. There she is in a state of suspended animation ≈ beyond the 8th Samādhi; that means ... she's asleep… the "Sleeping Goddess"!!

This epilogue differs a little and gives a total new meaning to the Atlantis story.

Read it again… and find both parts, a beautiful one and the sinister one.