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Pilgrimage to the Islands of the Divine Feminine

to the homeland of your origin

with Professor Hubert Zeitlmair h.c.Dr… mystics from Atlantis

Whoever does not ask even once in his lifetime…

Where do I come from…?

Where am I going…?

Do I wonder aimlessly with millions of others with the flow of the stream of life?

…or do I have a mission here on this planet that is as yet unknown to me?

If you look for answers to these burning questions on the Islands of the Divine feminine together with me you will find them. During my 30-year research into the legendary civilization of Atlantis, I can claim to have attained some enlightenment on the matter and therefore am able to state: "The truthful transformation into a better and peaceful life is only possible if one can recognize one's own higher Self; only the one who is able to connect his physical ego-body with his own spiritual Higher Self body, will walk along the irrevocable path of his individual destiny".

Through my experience I can offer you the guidance that will give your life a new and different perspective.

Join me for a journey into this universal energy and feel the transformation! Nothing will ever seem the same again…

You will discover who you truly are!!

If you perceive in yourself a desire to know yourself deeply, I invite you to lift with me the mists of Avalon in order to experience the "Fire of the women of Atlantis". Accompany me on a magic trip to recover the physical and psychic qualities of the time of Atlantis, to the roots of our existence, and awaken the 'divine' in you again!

sdfldfiMalta is a member of the EU. This tiny rocky island archipelago which is only half the size of Munich, is situated in the Mediterranean between the tip of Sicily / Italy and the coast of Tunisia / North Africa.

With its sunny climate and picturesque harbours, it has become a new home for many foreigners. However, when the Mediterranean did not yet exist, present-day island archipelago was an interrelated 3-mount system that when perceived subjectively used to have the shape of a stylized heart or an embryo.

Picture with Hubert Zeitlmair, Malta

fvsaAround Gozo and Malta, there are more than 30 Megalithic temple installations on the surface, a few subterranean ones (like the famous Hypogeum) and others that lie under water on the sea bed, one of which, »Gebel Gol-Bahar« - I discovered 19 years ago.

They all have a circular, heart-shaped design which to me is typically »female«!

Picture provided by Hubert Zeitlmair Cathedral / Citadella / Gozo

If you want to discover…

  • Whether all these temples and the other power sites are the work of the delightful Virgin-like ladies of Atlantis?

  • What hides behind the concept of ꞌAtlantean female powerꞌ?

  • The meaning of the expression… the "Eternal fires" of the goddess Ashtar-tara?

  • Why the Archipelago of Malta with its super natural High frequency active auroral energy is so important for us in this present time?

  • What is the connection between Maria Magdalene and the goddess Ashtar-Tara?

  • Which role does the messianic blood line and the Knight Templars play nowadays?

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If you feel called and desire to experience a spiritually oriented adventure with moments of relaxation, sea and sun bathing and strolls in Vallettas's small boutiques during one of my courses you have ample opportunity to do so.

I urge you not to hesitate and book now!

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Picture done by Nicole Kaiser, Comino