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Seminar/Course & Time trip to the

Islands of the Divine Feminine, the place of your origin with Professor Hubert Zeitlmair h.c.Dr... Mystics from AtlantisDiscoverer of the underwater megalithic temple complex off the coast of the

North-eastern Malta,

Gebel Gol-



(Cathedral / Citadella / Gozo)

Whoever hasn’t asked oneself even once in his lifetime...
Where do I come from...?
Where am I going...?
Do I walk aimlessly with millions of others in the flow the Life stream? ...or do I have a mission here on this planet that is as yet unknown to me?

During my seminar and Workshop-excursions you will experience a completely new live perspective.

For this, together with me you will walk on the tracks of our creators from the Ice age era, 13,000 years ago, namely:

Asu.ara tSi.dha Poseidon, who is the "Master architect" and "Lord protector" of the earth and his spouse who is...

Ashtar-tara, the "white lily" respectively the Mistress or Queen of Atlantis. She is also known as the Goddess Ishtar, Astarte or Tanit, Isis, iSidhe, Venus or Magdalene.
Anyway, she was given by each people a different name how they understood it after their language or dialect."

By the way... plunges in with me into the mystery of Atlantis and...

  • ➢  learn to understand the unchangeable destiny, death, rebirth and yourlife karma;
  • ➢  learn to put yourself into the position, to have a look in the higherfrequented dimension, there where time and space seemingly ofsubordinate importance;
  • ➢  learn to activate your spiritual potential and to use it practically;
  • ➢  learn to use your »Third eye«, the »eye of the wisdom«;
  • ➢  to learn to see what is hidden to the everyday eyes, since it can identify only physical presence;
  • ➢  learn to recognize the principle of life... the Entity known as soul!!! During my 30-year research into the legendary civilization of Atlantis, I have got spiritual experience by means of Illumination therefore I am able to state:
    "The real transformation into a better and peaceful life is only possible if one is able to get in contact with one's own higher Self; only the one who is able to speak through his physical ego-body with his own Higher Self body (Spirit/Soul), will walk along the irrevocable path of his individual destiny"!

    Therefore, follow me for a journey into this universal energy of the Maltese archipelago and feel the transformation of the structure of your cells! Thereafter nothing will be the same again ...

    because You have discovered who you truly are!!

    A universal energy on Malta; is it an Atlantis heritage? You may ask!

  • ➢  Are Atlantean ETs?
  • ➢  Did the Dingir ETs, the Anunaki live in the Atlantis Territory?
  • ➢  Has these ETs made the Maltese archipelago to their Center?
  • ➢  Because of this are this particular ETs the originators of all energetic phenomenon’s on Malta?
  • ➢  Form this power place the biggest independent electromagnetic Field of activity in Europe with gigantic minus charge?
  • ➢  Consequently, is this place the strongest place of power in the world?
  • ➢  Have these power fields radiates with an which almost unimaginablestrength of more than 420,000 Bovis-units?
  • ➢  Have these certain places not yet lost its power of the creating effect?
  • ➢  Are these places of high powered electromagnetic energy portals in thehigher 6th dimension?
  • ➢  Is it likely that we by means of deep meditation turn back to our roots, back to the... beginning of our existence!During my seminar you will receive all the answers in an accurate way!Thus, if you perceive in yourself a desire to become aware about yourself deeply, I invite you to lift with me the mists of Avalon in order to feel the "Fire of the women of Atlantis". Accompany me on a magic trip to recover the physical and psychic qualities of the time of Atlantis, to the roots of our existence, and awaken the 'divine' in you again!Malta is a member of the EU.
  • This tiny rocky island archipelago which is only half the size of the city of Munich, is situated in the Mediterranean between the tip of Sicily / Italy and the coast of Tunisia / North Africa.
    With its sunny climate and picturesque harbours, it has become a new home for many foreigners. However, when the Mediterranean did not yet

exist, present-day island archipelago was an interrelated 3-mount system that when perceived subjectively used to have the shape of a stylized heart or an embryo.

What about the temple ring?...

Around Gozo and Malta, there are more than 30 Megalithic temple installations on the surface, a few subterranean ones (like the famous Hypogeum) and

others that lie under

water on the sea bed, one of
which, »Gebel Gol-Bahar« - I discovered 20 years ago.

They all have a typically circular, heart-shaped design, which is for me shaped like a Woman's "back"!

For what purpose those oldest freestanding buildings world-wide had been erected?

  • ➢  Were these erected as a place to worship a deity? or better...
  • ➢  Were these building erected for the continuous observation of the


Pictures provided by Hubert Zeitlmair

(Picture with Hubert Zeitlmair, and Temple model, Malta)

movement of a certain Heavenly body with an extremely long orbit around our sun?

➢ Were these building erected to form together a high powered Microwave Power plant that is generating Non-Lethal high frequency energy?

During my seminar you will receive all the answers in an accurate way!

So, if you feel called and desire to experience a spiritually oriented adventure with moments of relaxation, sea and sun bathing and strolls in Valletta’s small boutiques during one of my courses you have ample opportunity to do so

If you feel called and desire to experience a spiritually oriented adventure with moments of relaxation, sea and sun bathing and strolls in Valletta’s small boutiques during one of my courses you have ample opportunity to do so.


urge you not to

hesitate and book now!

Looking forward to meeting you-