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Prehistory Research

  • Approximate Running Time: 70 minutes
  • Price BRD: 33 € including postage and packaging
  • Price EU: € 35 including postage and packaging

Mystery School & Maltadiscovery


Prehistory Research Foundation

Malta Register Nr. 111

An exciting documentary trip into Atlantis, in a unexplored territory of the early prehistory!
You can directly receive your vision for the Atlantean world and the vestiges of the Goddess Ashtar-tara Queen of Atlantis.

Finally we have finished a research study that looks at the numerous Megalithic Temples of Malta in a holistic way as a whole structural body! We have however, in store more than one surprise! Some of our new explanations are quite unbelievable!

Finally it might be that we need to start to accept the unbelievable because the ancient Temples of Malta tell their inconvenient truth!

With this research we have revealed some mysteries and answered some questions that no one before us has been capable of answering. Our findings reveal to you the real purpose of the temples and the other prehistoric facilities; how they were built; their stellar and solar orientation and other secrets.

We strongly encourage all of you to get the Maltadiscovery documentation DVD - A Journey Into The Distant Past.

The film is an exciting journey into uncharted territory, a provocative review Portable Standart views, a new professional look at a millennium old question.

"Controversial and provocative, exciting and fascinating."
Gisela and Gehard Hölter, March 2004

"A well-documented film based on the advanced work of Dagmar & Dr. hc Hubert Zeitlmair."
Detlef Menningmann, March 2004

"Produces elegant, interesting and exceptionally well worth seeing."

Joachim Wetzel July 2004

Prof. Hubert Zeitlmair h.c.D, President of the Maltadiscovery Foundation & his wife Dagmar, Founders and Research executives. We are a married couple and for more than fifteen years we have been partners in successful exploration and research, who shared the time between Augsburg (Bavaria state, Germany) and Bugibba (Malta).

Our findings and results of research as the unique discovery of the sunken temple complex of ĞebelĞol-Bahar that has been considered to be of great archaeological importance was published in international newspapers, magazines and TV shows.

Our recent findings in Malta:  After years of careful research ‘We came to the conclusion that Malta was the Heart Center of the first human civilization on Earth called Atlantis.

Malta was the Atlantean Central Power Plant, and it was linked with all the other energy sub centres around the world comparable with one big network. This "Cold Fire" Power house was an installation to produce Non-lethal High Frequency Active Auroral Energy - A High Power Microwave System.

Furthermore we could discover numerous primeval strange script signs carved on stone blocks and stone slabs. The script of the texts on those stone tablets is of a most intelligent constructed Syllabaric script. The language of this strange signs is of a most archaic SANSKRIT but not Vedic.We are one of the few individuals worldwide who are able to decipher and translate the strange script signs at a high level and the writings seem to belong to the era of Atlantis.

Again, We really encourage you to get the DVD of the Maltadiscovery documentation --$37—so that you can directly receive the amazing revelation of the Atlantean Goddess Ashtar ta.ra!