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The Crier for the Avenger

Following the method of German linguist Kurt Schildmann†, I was able to decipher and translate these strange signs readable with the proto-Sanskrit dialect!

23f22 134e

The text is a »written« statement in the form of a prayer that announces a coming incredible event! To the better understanding, we normalized the spelling of the text.

Scale of 10 lines ≈ 10 x 3,600 years Crier

ku ca śa.ra you are in joined with the orbiting

one (Globe-like Star base), the kar.trin a.ri Avenger & creating Designer.

The sinful Antagonists…

as.i cakra at.ha 30 of the age eliminate, the noble

among he 30thees´ human race

named the

su as.mi sopha dus.ri Reduce carefully the Tumour of

the evil, which is cakra responsible for the increasing

pain of the age of great


kar.ra Procreators, from the Sinners

– the evil,

pa.ra rescue us!

1) aka Dschinn are the demons known from the Indus mythology. These entities are far advanced human-like people! The word is of proto-Sanskrit language that means:

Those who was given life (by not smoks fire).

Location: Burrows-Cave, southern Illinois USA

Stone type: Montmonilonits – not shape able clay stone with portions of Calcite (CaCo3), Quartz and Glimmers. The layer silicate has crystallized very well. The signs itself on the slab are weathered exactly like the rock.

»It is undoubtedly an original engraved stone!!«