touchable research

The Moon goddess

and her enchanting rite

The language of the engravings on the stones is in the proto-Sanskrit dialect, which is proto-Aryan but not Vedic Sanskrit. Following the method of German linguist Kurt Schildmann†, I was able to read and understand this language which has become familiar to me.

The story goes back to the period of Atlantis when humans had an essentially longer life expectancy than now! The story describes a ceremony which would not be acceptable to many of our contemporaries today!

__94However, the one who is reading the text objectively and without prejudices will recognize quite fast… the story don’t deal about a hard core Sex-orgy but a highly erotic ritual, with that two become one! During the golden age of Atlantis the aim of Sexuality was not reproduction and procreation in order to promulgate the species.

Thus the writing below let us easily recognize that…

The aim of this erotic ritual Act was primarily the extraction of a particular substance, which then was ennobled by a chemical process; in a life preserving and life-extending ≈ anti-aging beverage. This liquid regarded as of supreme excellence in antiquity was known as the moon beverage Soma/Sama, also known later on in time as the beverage of the Greek Gods… Ambrosia!

Head line:

Protectors from the Orbiting one (Heavenly body)

01 indu vi.sun su.indu rā.ma-da da.iva

01 (Goddess) Luna wrapped in a halo, beautiful Luna; initiated and

intermittently active lovely (Moon) Goddess.

02 tam.i.ha sa vi.asu at

02 Night-worker, splendidly vital and hard-headed reflection ... (Indra1).

03 u sa.trin ka kala ava.i.ta sha.ra

03 with the performance of the solemn act in the accordance with the law

of the ones from the circling one (heavenly body)…

04 Kar.ya ta hu śa.mas da.u.dha ma.

04 you are continuously doing your sweet duty in company with the gentle hot-blooded, vital lover. Ah my herald announce

05 hu ara ara nau mi at asu

05 it is so! Oh mother, the magnificent radiant ones (lover), make the

space of the moon boat narrower, and the light (of the room) dimmer.

06 upama punar kari.kar na.aś vi.śa.da

06 The riding position increases the sensual pleasure of the act; with this

she is paying her tribute and she is swept upwards on wings of high

orgasmic pleasure.

07 indra tri.murti at

07 As of Indras true "daughter of the Voice"4, she reaches with her

Gemini image5 in trinity (with Indra1) the climax in

intoxication-like trance (ecstasy) and experiences with this occasion

waves of after-feelings on in abundance.

08 Kar.ra kar.sin vi.ra.ha ca.i.ta sha.ra at na.ra

08 She, in ecstasy ‘well ploughed’ Heroes-devour (the hero's lover), the

loyal servant of the one-(the Rose) from the orbiting-one (Heavenly

body) and of the man who is reigning...

09 Si.ra i.ra 30

09 over the potion from the hare-star6, who is serving his sacred duty

after barely 20 days when the 30th (day) has arrived.

пп – means Om ≈ ogh or amen

Location of discovery: Burrows-Cave, southern Illinois USA

 Stone type: Montmonoliths – It is a not malleable clay stone with portions of Calcite (CaCo3), Quartz and Glimmers crystals. The layer of silicate is very well crystallized as well.

The signs themselvess on the slab are weathered and look exactly like the rest of the rock.

»This engraved slabs are undoubtedly original copies and no fake!!«

From the syllabus of my Course at the Mystery-School…


This highly erotic ritual was originally portrayed as the original Holy marriage Hieros Gamos between a god… Asu.ara tSi.dha and a goddess… Ashtar-tara. As Gemini’s they are mutually attracting each other and each one is continuously seeking his polarized twin in order to reunite with him/her and attain wholeness again!

In the course of time, the "Holy marriage" became a sexual ritual that was played out between a king and a High Priestess of the Goddess of love and warfare!

Nowadays the Holy marriage became a symbolic ritual where human participants represent the deities.

The "Holy marriage" or "Hieros Gamos" however, shall have only it’s fully effect if the two Gemini souls with their differently polarized bodies reunite to become ONE!!!