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The Third Eye


In the hermetic tradition, three types of eyes are described.

  • The Fleshly eye, which describes our two ordinary eyes.

  • The Divine eye, which describes the eye that can look far in space and time. With its help you can have a look into the general information field which enables even predictions.

  • The Wisdom eye enables to communicate with your soul. It allows analysing yourself to understand the basic truth: "Life… it is especially your soul and not your body"!

What does it mean … Eye of the wisdom?

The "third eye" is a virtual eye, but is also a physically anatomical reality as the “Eye of Wisdom” is also known as the pineal gland, also seen as the Chakra of the mind - the point at which Soul mind and Body mind are conjoined!

The pineal is a very small gland, shaped like a Pinecone or an Almond respectively. The average size is approximately 5-8 mm x 3-5 mm (Millimetre), and it weighs approximately 80 to 500 mg (Milligram), in the average, however, approximately 100 mg only. It is centrally embedded in a ventricle, which is a cavity between both brain halves situated within the centre of the brain without being part of the brain mass as such. The pineal gland in the centre of the brain is unique, it has no counterpart at all!

It is an endocrine gland that produces two hormonal secretions, which are injected directly into the blood circulation.
Which was long known in the days of ancient Akkadians/Babylonians approximately 4.400 years ago… was only succeeded by our modern medical scientists in the year 1968 - the isolation of the glandular substances Melatonin and Serotonin.
Melatonin is called Night-worker because the pineal gland produces this certain hormone at night or in the dark as well. The "hormone of the dark" the "night worker hormone" is activated by the second hormone, the bio-chemical messenger ... "Serotonin."
Serotonin is the vehicle that transfers Melatonin through nerve impulses across chromosome pairs at a moment of 'meiosis' when the cell nuclei is being divided and the chromosomes are halved to be combined with other half-sets. During this act the Melatonin is combined with the chromosome half-set to modify the cell nucleus into a certain direction.
These two biochemical messengers have an enormous specific efficiency and are able to regulate the cell decay; those with high pineal secretion have a strong body immune system, and they are less likely to develop cancerous diseases. It is the body's most potent and effective antioxidant and it has positive mental and physical anti-ageing properties.
The hermetic therapists of Akkad and Egypt called the both hormones the "Gold of the Goddess".

Nowadays the phrase… Gold of the goddess, or dark violet or black stone, is a mark with seven seals that creates space for countless speculations. The basis for all this speculations is the traditional hermetic interpretation of certain symbols of the ancient Egyptian mystery school. For the ancient Chemists, the Alchemists the color red was synonymous with the metal gold, because red or black was the colour of the Goddess. However the metal of the alchemists was not similar to the metal known today; it was rather like living essences of physically nature. With the correct interpretation of the ancient symbolism you may get the true meaning which leads you on the path … to an enlightened consciousness.

Doppelschlange und der geflügelte Stab

Die Doppelschlange und der geflügelte Stab, das uralte Symbol der Schöpfer-Gottheit Asu.ara tSi.dha Poseidon und der Weißen-Bruderschaft.

One of the symbols the so-called Tree of Knowledge, is represented in the Rod of Asclepius by the insignia of the Medical Institutions.

I can interpret this symbol conclusively!
There are two coiled serpents, entwined around the winged caduceus of the messenger-god Mercury (Skt. Dha.u.da; Hebr. Dhaud; Greek. Thot). The serpents represent knowledge, and in consequence the DNA-ropes and the chromosome pairs situated in the spinal cord, which contains all the collected knowledge of our evolution.

The central short staff, the Caduceus symbolizes not only the spinal column but also the Tree of knowledge that is associated with the knowledge and abilities of the Messenger God, while the two uppermost wings signify the two structured side ventricles of the cerebrum. Between these wings, above the caduceus or spinal column, the central small node of the pineal gland is situated. The combination of the pineal and its lateral wings are referred to a flying entity, like the Messenger-god Mercury. He is said to be an fully enlightened and illuminated being. For me there is no doubt that the Messenger God's origin and his emblematic symbolism can definitely be attributed to the time of Atlantis!
In a completely illuminated condition, you are able to realize the space of your consciousness outside your grey zone. The Knight Templar Commander Hubertus of Untersberg Mountain, Southern Bavaria (Germany) who was granted insight into otherworldly areas by the Goddess Ishtar (Ashtar-tara, Isis l.e), gained this state of consciousness in the 13th Century. Consequently help is needed from outside.
The pineal gland is the Chakra of the mind. People with a high Melatonin-concentration in their blood react very sensitively to sunlight; therefore, they are night-active. Melatonin is called the "Hormone of the darkness" because of being produced only during the night or the darkness.

A high Melatonin production boosts the body's immune system, and those with this high secretion are less likely to develop cancerous diseases. People with a high melatonin production have increased energy results, higher stamina and physical tolerance levels, therefore keeping the body temperately regulated with properties that operate through the cardiovascular system. It is the body's most potent and effective antioxidant, and it has positive mental and physical anti-ageing properties.
A high pineal gland activity improves and promotes not only the physical well-being but also sharpens the intuitively knowledge of the subtle spirit; the mental abilities are influenced in a positive way. Strictly speaking, the pineal gland is the facility for receiving and transmitting high-frequency fine radio waves, which carry thoughts and psychic phenomenon. Due to this the eternal idea enables us to regulate and formulate our own intellectual ideas that amplifier self-awareness and inner vision. It is the ability to manage things unequivocally by means of intuitive knowledge to convert eternal ideas into earthly ideas. Furthermore, the pineal gland activity is also called… the seed of life!
As it was told in ancient times, nothing will be reached by only telling an intention or by rejecting responsibility in favour of a higher authority or power. Belief is the act of "live"!
To be alive means to believe with hope, and the will of reaching something is decisively for you; it is highly significant in the process of becoming "Consciously" on the path to the true enlightenment!
Logic, which is based on intuition, is an expression for an operating third eye. People say that the pineal gland may be the seat of the soul, I say… "it is the point, where the mental mind body and its spiritual mind body, the soul are connected!"

During my seminar we will learn about the mental renewal to find a perfect illuminated realization!
To reach the learning goal, the impartiality is of extraordinary importance. The knowledge which leads to the complete illumination is the "lost key" of the realization!